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About Pacific Paper & Plastics, Inc.

We appreciate your business and look forward to growing our partnership in the future. Our President, Jerry Fadale, has been in the packaging industry since 1991 and wanted to bring back good, old fashion customer service. So in April 2012, Pacific Paper & Plastics was started with the hope of making our customers the most important part of our business.


"Pacific Paper & Plastics has been providing thousands
of products to businesses of all sizes. We are a family
owned and operated company that specializes in
foodservice disposables, bakery products, janitorial
supplies, industrial packaging and retail packaging"


Our strength is servicing our customers with premier product lines that allow us to be a true "One Stop
Distributor." The benefit of dealing with one supplier has set us apart from the beginning and allows you to focus on growing your business. Pacific Paper & Plastics is continuously striving to become even more efficient by achieving our fill rates, streamlining our ordering process and growing our sales and customer service staff. We still offer free local delivery with no fuel surcharges (min. order required). We cover Los Angeles & Orange County, California.


"Pacific Paper & Plastics is committed to delivering
solutions to all your distribution needs, we cover
Southern California including Los Angeles and
Orange County"



Pacific Paper & Plastics is committed to achieving our goals by delivering solutions to all your distribution needs through products, pricing and service.

We look forward to being your "One Stop Distributor."

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